Commander Deck Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate – Draconic Dissent EN



Draconic Dissent is the blue & red commander deck from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate!

Wizards of the Coast comes with a set of four commander decks especially for Commander Legends! Are you looking forward to discovering the wonderful world of Commander? Then these decks are perfect for you!

Commander (formerly EDH) is a Magic: the Gathering game type where each player plays with a 99- cards deck, led by a Legendary Creature: the Commander. Apart from the 6 basic lands, a Commander deck cannot contain duplicate cards and in the choice of cards for the deck you are also limited to the colors of your Commander.

To support this popular multiplayer format, Wizards has designed four new Commander decks that are thematically related to Commander Legends. Each deck contains 100 black-bordered cards, including two foil cards including one foil commander. All new cards are tournament legal in Vintage and Legacy.

In this package you will also find a Collector Boster Sample Pack. Here you will find a foil or non-foil rare or mythic rare with special art as you can find in collector boosters and a foil rulebook common or uncommon.

This Commander Legends commander deck contains:

– A deck of 100 black-bordered cards, including three previously unreleased cards.
– Two foil cards including a foil Commander.
– A foil-etched Display Commander.
– 10 double faced tokens per deck.
– A life wheel and a cardboard deck box.
– A 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack


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