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CASE (x4 cajas) PART THE MISTVEIL (Español) – Flesh and Blood


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FECHA DE SALIDA: 31/05/2024


  • Part the Mistveil beckons you to venture beyond the veil, to the hanging villages suspended between the perilous terrain of Misteria’s canyons and gully’s. Discover the secrets of a land steeped in mystique, where tradition, desire, and purpose will reshape your mind, body, and soul.

    Part the Mistveil is a standalone booster set featuring 239 cards and introducing the highly anticipated Mystic talent of the Misteria region!

    239 card set (1 Fabled, 6 Legendary, 43 Majestic, 54 Rares, 123 Commons, 12 Tokens, 18 Marvels)
    Designed for Booster Draft, Sealed Deck, and Constructed play.


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